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Hardscaping Services

We design, build, and execute quality hardscaping projects
in the Orlando Metropolitan Area.

We provide all types of hardscaping services to meet your residential or commercial needs. Whether it's a small plot you want to fill with flowers or the lawn of an office that needs an overhaul, we're here to help. Tell us your vision, and we'll bring it to life.
Summer Kitchen

Adding summer kitchens to backyard designs are modern trends that create a perfect atmosphere.


Transform your property with a beautifully designed pathway of pavers for your walkways, pool, patio, or driveway.

Image by Bryan Agua

We absolutely love pergolas -- they can make a space unforgettable and enchanting. Let's build one for you.

Polymeric Sand & Sealant

An oft-forgotten – but very important product here at Flamingo Landscapes – is best-level polymeric sand for pavers.

Fire Pits

The crisp autumn air and the early nightfall make things already feel cozy, so kick it up a level with an outdoor fire pit.

Modern Luxury Home
Pool Decks

Pool decks are essential accents that create an attractive place during parties or barbecue

Stone Water Fountain
Water Features

From fountains and sculptures to ponds and waterfalls, let us bring your vision to life and build the yard of your dreams.

Patio Set

We design and build your a customized patio, fully equipped with enclosures and even an outdoor kitchen.


Flagstone is arguably one of the oldest materials used around the world, as easy to lay as it is appealing to the eye.

French Drainage

We design and build the perfect French drainage system to help with soggy yards and standing water issues.

Image by Dino Demopoulos

Let's help you choose from a large selection of pots and planters to beautify your yard.

We Specialize in Major Yards Remodel

Teardown, Design & Build

Hardy Plants, Minimum Maintenance, Long-Lasting Aesthetics

Orlando Metropolitan Area

Orlando Metropolitan Area

Hardscaping Services:

Drop us a line below so that we can better understand your needs and we'll make sure to help you.

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